Montag, 9. Dezember 2013

The Future of Storytelling: Creative Task of the Week #7: Meet Aunt Renie

Dear Aunt Renie,

how are you? I hope you are fine and have seen everything you wanted to see and spent some more interesting days in other cities.
As I promised you, I'll send you the pictures I took, when we met in Innsbruck.
I'm so glad I met you in front of the Golden Roof ("Goldenes Dachl"). I really loved all the stories you told me about the countries you already visited.

I hope, you enjoyed the Christmas market ("Christkindlmarkt"- do you still remember how to pronounce it? ;-)) in the old town as much as I did.

The amazing "Skyline" of Innbruck: 

This is a picture of you in front of the "Strudel-café Kröll" where we got that wonderful "Sachertorte"

Here are some pictures of the fairy-tale figures you loved so much, that are everywhere on the Christkindlmarkt:

First of all, the Street of giants:

... and some other figures...

I still can't believe, you really did THAT!!! And i still don't know how you got up there, I just turned away from you for two seconds, and when I turned back you suddenly stood up there...

But maybe you shouldn't have stolen the cap of one of the dwarfes... Anyway, I love that picture with you and the dwarf-cap ;-) Maybe no one of us should ever post these pictures on the internet, we could really get some trouble (at least I could get some trouble - you are safe on the other side of the world ;-) )

I hope to hear from you soon! Maybe you'll send me some pictures you took on your journey?

Best wishes,

If you're wondering, what this is... it's a small "homework" for an online course...

Some other "AuntRenie-stories":

If you want more... ask google :-)

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